Evelyn Perez-Verdia


Evelyn is a bilingual strategist and communications consultant known for her straightforward style and in-depth understanding of the political and cultural landscape. Her clients have included election offices, local, state, federal and presidential campaigns.

Evelyn has a tendency to see her environments with a unique perception based upon being raised within a deaf community through her childhood. That experience made her highly visually receptive, and made her keenly aware of the inner workings of all humans, regardless of race, ethnicity, and physical ability. One of her greatest strengths is her ease in relating to and understanding people from all cultural backgrounds and creating powerful messages that they can relate to. In 2016, she co-organized the XIII Latin American Summit: Political Marketing and Governance which convened the best political strategists of the Americas in Miami. At www.cumbrelatinoamericana.com Evelyn managed media, press conferences and interviews with the panelists. In addition, she also moderated and participated in various panels. Evelyn is a communications consultant for the 16th largest election office in the United States (Broward County, Florida) handling state, national and international media from 2008-2016. In 2015, she worked on a presidential campaign in Guatemala advising the candidate and crafting the campaign’s message. She has also worked in U.S. Federal Government as a Federal Caseworker for a former U.S. Congressman and assisted with media in his race for Florida Governor. Evelyn also assisted with bilingual media and communications in his race for Governor of Florida in 2006 which assisted the congressman in winning the Hispanic vote in Florida, the first time a statewide Democrat had done so since 1996. At the age of 22 she was a Campaign Manager for a winning Florida legislative race in highly Hispanic district in Florida. Evelyn deeply appreciates the richness that a diversity of cultural communities add to our society. Evelyn has a background in International Studies and a Certification in Negotiation and Conflict Management from Notre Dame University. Perez-Verdia is of Colombian-American descent and completely fluent in Spanish, English and Sign Language. She is the founder of the non-partisan political blog www.politicalpasion.com (Political in English, Pasión in Spanish).


Vice-President of the Florida Association of Hispanic Journalists
Appointed to the Broward County Diversity Advisory Council
Partner in bringing the 13th Latin American Conference of Marketing and Political Governance to Miami.
Communications consultant and spokeswoman for the sixteenth largest election office in the nation (Broward County, Florida) where she was one of the principal architects handling statewide, national and international media from 2008-2014.
Former Consultant for the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections Office. Creating their Hispanic Engagement Campaign in 2007.
Former President of the Hispanic Alliance of Tampa Bay, an umbrella organization with over 35 Hispanic organizations involved.
Congressional Assistant and Federal Caseworker for former Congressman Jim Davis (D) of Tampa, Florida 2004-2007.